Healing Arts with Patrick Moore

Massage Therapy & Lifecoaching with Patrick

People receiving massage therapy often ask, “Why is my muscle so tense right there, and what can I do to change that?” Therapists attending my continuing education workshops also wonder about how muscles become tight, and how much of that tension has to do with the person’s thoughts and interpretations. In responding to this question so many times, I naturally evolved into lifecoaching as a side-job. I have been a licensed massage therapist since 1994, a Nationally Certified therapist-teacher since 2001 and I added lifecoaching in 2004.

Melting Muscles is done clothed, and no oil or lotion is used. This benefits therapy in numerous ways. Your brain responds better to muscle pressure when the skin sensation has been damped by your clothing. You don’t have to worry about having your skin exposed, which allows you to relax more deeply. Massage therapy is done on a massage table, either at my office in NW Tucson, or at your Tucson location where I bring my massage table. We can do your session with the doors and windows open, or set up the massage table outside if weather permits.

Melting Muscles is a method that assures your muscles are relaxing, second by second. I can actually feel your muscle sinking, softening, and flattening.  When I feel this relaxation begin, I usually say to you, “I can feel this muscle melting right now, can you feel that?” Often you can feel it too. This experience gives you more confidence that what we are doing is actually making a difference in your tension level. Muscles relax when your brain decides it is okay to reduce the tension. When your brain feels safe, your brain reduces the voltage to your muscle and the muscle begins to relax. To help your brain feel safe I also include craniosacral therapy, Reiki healing energy, visceral unwinding and other nurturing approaches when appropriate. I have been a Reiki Master/Teacher since 2002.

I have received extensive mentoring from Stephen Bruno since 1996 which includes his teaching me how to be a better therapist, lifecoach, teacher, parent, partner, energy healer and workshop presenter. My lifecoaching approach follows Stephen’s approach in helping people generate their own insights and enlightenment through seven things: unconditional compassion, nonjudgment, non-selfimportance, curiosity, patience, presence and vulnerability. Clearly it is better for you when your coach is being these seven things! It also improves your life, your relationships, provides more access to synchronicity, serendipity and dramatic healing when you are being more of these seven things.

Lifecoaching sessions are done by phone, or we can meet at a Tucson coffee shop or go for a gentle walk in a quiet Tucson neighborhood.

Melting Muscles is a comfortable method that helps with:

  • Frozen Shoulder and other Rotator Cuff problems.
  • Atlas and Axis, or difficulty rotating your head.
  • Low Back Pain including hips, scacrum and pelvis.
  • Neck Pain including stiffness.
  • Joint stiffness, soreness and pain.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Tendinitis (Tendonitis) or bits of scar tissue from overuse or from a fall or from an injury.
  • Accident recovery and job injuries.
  • Old traumas, guarding and tension.
  • Headaches and jaw tension.
  • Wrist and thumb pain, and other ailments from overuse of computers and devices.

Insight-based lifecoaching is a nonthreatening dialogue that helps with:

  • Seeing possibilities where you did not see them before.
  • Interpreting your experiences differently, that works to your benefit.
  • Taking more calculated risks and having more fun and fulfillment as a result.
  • If your life were a movie set, seeing how you are the Director.
  • Practicing seeing things from different perspectives, so you become dramatically more perceptive and intuitive.
  • Gain insight of what makes life worth living.
  • Others in your life will notice as you become less judgmental and more compassionate, which means you’ll earn more respect and more opportunities come your way.
  • Improve your parenting.
  • Improve your relationship with your partner.
  • Improve your creativity and the depth of your art, writing or other expression.
  • Make peace with your health and dramatically improve your health, vitality and quality of life.
  • Gain flexibility, resiliency.
  • View more of your life’s challenges as Better For Having Happened.


I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation. We can discuss some of your goals for massage therapy or for lifecoaching, and you can get a sense of me, to see if you think you will get what you need. Please schedule our phone consultation through the email address in the image below. I will give you my phone number in our email correspondence:


The hourly rate of one hundred dollars per hour is the same whether you choose massage therapy or lifecoaching.

There is a 15% discount for purchasing in advance a package of five sessions, which comes to $425.00 (you save $75.00), or a 30% discount for purchasing in advance a package of ten sessions, which comes to $700.00 (you save $300.00).

I also offer sliding scale for those who cannot pay the full price right now.