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Higher Handlebars Reduce Neck Pain
March 30, 2014, 7:11 pm
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Higher Handlebars are Easier on your Neck

Patrick bicycling high handle bars

Many cyclists over the years have complained to me about neck pain. I have treated many necks for this complaint. As effective as the treatments might have been, some of these people eventually had to stop riding.

I think one factor that makes cycling difficult on the neck is the riding position. The position of a cyclist makes his or her spine horizontal. So a cyclist must constantly extend his or her neck in order to see the road ahead. Sitting upright is the natural position for your neck.

I can imagine some cyclists replying, “But that is less aerodynamic.” Yes, it is.

A friend of mine in Portland cycled for many years there. He said he could never understand why people would spend so much money to make their bikes lighter, with less rolling resistance and better aerodynamics, when the purpose of riding is to get exercise. You’ll get more exercise when you are less aerodynamic!

I found these handlebars on Amazon and my local bike shop installed them. They had to move the brake handles, and then I needed longer brake lines which the bike shop supplied. I enjoy riding more now.

Being more upright also allows me to be seen better by cars. It allows me better range of turning my head to see if cars or other cyclists are overtaking me.

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