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Sociodrama for Discovering Your Essence
March 2, 2019, 3:10 pm
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Sociodrama for Discovering Your Essence

with Patrick Moore LMT BA

Thursdays at Unscrewed Center

4500 E Speedway, Suite 40, Tucson, AZ

(Next Door to Unscrewed Theater)

starting Thursday, March 21, 2019.

Sociodrama was first performed in Vienna around 1920. Players would read the day’s newspaper headlines, then perform spontaneous scenes in a public park. The audience was involved. Heavy events were occurring in Europe at that time, and these improvised plays provided relief, cleansing and insight for the players and audiences. When you play the roles of people you had thought were “bad people” or “enemies,” you see others as real persons who matter. Sociodrama is currently used for helping people recover after natural disasters, wars and other tragedies.

Sociodrama is not therapy because it does not focus on any one person’s experiences. Instead Socidrama focuses on the issues that affect us all, the issues that get in our way of being all we could be.

Our Sociodrama group is more fun! We are not focused on disaster or tragedy, but on the normal, everyday social situations that get in the way of our being all we could be. Like:

  • expectations
  • reactions
  • leaping to interpretations
  • social status
  • competition
  • judgment
  • self-importance
  • conditional love, and
  • rigid perspectives.

Our group does not perform in front of an audience. Once safety is established in our group, volunteers will play out various unexpected non-threatening situations. For example, six players could all be parts of the same brain that is trying to make a decision: Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Each of us has parts-of-self including our ego, personality and essence. We have a left brain and a right brain, a subconscious and a conscious. We will play each of these parts in various ways.

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Why Do Sociodrama? To Discover Who You Are!

Each of us is created as a unique person, with a unique perspective, unique challenges and unique gifts.

Most of us (me included) have not yet fully discovered who and what we are.

As we discover more of who and what we are (our essence) we gain more and more influence, capability, capacity, qualities, meaning, purpose, depth and fulfillment.

We resonate more with others, both in our caring to serve them and they recognize more of our qualities.

Synchronicities are always occurring that allow amazing limitless things to happen, but we rarely recognize these or use them. As we become more of who we were meant to be, we see more synchronicities and are able to use them more. These would include (but not limited to) amazing jobs, relationships, creativity and healing.

Both passion and compassion are different ways to activate your essence. This explains a lot of things that may have puzzled us about life . . .

We probably would have already discovered who we are, except our culture is antagonistic to self-discovery. Our culture promotes impatience, self-importance, competition, status climbing and other things that get in the way of our self-discovery. It helps to see these inhibitors in action so we know what the resistances are, to self-discovery.


What Does the Group Do?

First we learn the ground rules about nonjudment, the basics of who we are, what we are trying to become, and the culture (the Socio) that makes it difficult. We get to know each other, not the socialized personalities of each other, but the essence of each other.

Once we feel safe enough, secure enough, we begin doing partner-activities and group plays that bypass our conditioned personalities and activate our essences.

After each exercise, we sit in a circle and discuss what we learned. Feedback is managed to be unconditionally compassionate and nonjudmental.

– – – – – – –

Sound intrigued? Drop in any Thursday beginning March 21!


Patrick Moore LMT BA participated in Stephen Bruno’s Sociodrama groups in North Bend, Washington 1997-98 and has studied Improv with Unscrewed, TIM and The Torch.  

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