Insights and Healing with Patrick Moore

Testimonial for Coaching and Training
April 3, 2019, 10:18 am
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“I have the pleasure of recommending Patrick Moore as a Coach and Teacher. In the time that I have studied with and been coached by Patrick, I find him able to embody a rare combination of gentle compassion with a powerful presence. When I am talking with Patrick, I know he is truly fully present and available. Patrick knows how to share his observations without judgement to put me at ease so that I can open up in ways that create more space to be my authentic self and explore new possibilities. He knows how to listen and respond on many levels of awareness with an insight, question or suggestion that encourages me to see the world from a new angle. Patrick knows how to work with many different types of people and he offers a unique approach that gifts each in a profound, positive, healing way. If you have the amazing opportunity to work with Patrick, you will be thankful that you were
able to interact with such a wise and caring person.”

-Skye WalkerTherapyAqua, LLC

Ventana pools – photo by Patrick Moore2018-04 Ventana Pools (29)