Creative Arts with Patrick Moore

About Patrick Moore LMT

Hi!  I am a massage therapist in Tucson with a long history of nature, spirituality, and healing influences.

My wife, Traci, and I moved to Tucson in November 2008 with her son, Jack, who is 9.  We brought a 12-year old dog named Shadow and a 15-year old cat named Janice.  We used the help of animal communicator, Laura Bruno, to make the transition easier for the animals.

Our beautiful home is in NW Tucson nearest La Canada and Ina road.  I have a guest house with its own driveway and entrance that I have converted into a massage room and my office.  I just finished repainting the interior this week.  I have an awesome old-school stereo with lots of bass, it provides very relaxing classical, nature, and new age music with encoded delta rhythms to help people relax during their massage sessions.

I have lived in CA, OR, WA, and AZ with most of my years in the NorthWest rain.  I started fishing and hunting in Oregon when I was 7 though I gave it up by the time I turned 13.  I was also a boy scout in Oregon and adopted the motto, take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints.  My Mom and Dad were both educated by Nuns and Priests and so was I.  I was an Altar Boy and as a teenager considering colleges, I looked at Mount Angel Seminary as a possiblity.  

In High School I excelled at Math and English and I began tutoring. 

I also began studying energy healing and manifestation through the Silva Method in 1977, a 32 hour course that I repeated ten times, once a year until 1987.

At Whitman College I enjoyed philosophy and explored atheism and evolution theory.  I would like to write a book someday about how “intelligent design” can be embraced by both scientists and faithful.  I lived in a 1956 school bus for one semester of college.  I had a late-night radio show.  I grew my hair long.  I joined a fraternity not as much for the guys but the gals who worked in the kitchen.  Whenever guys invited me to eat there I loved the food they prepared.  I pledged Phi as a Junior and became the kitchen steward, overseeing meals for 50 guys.       

I attempted graduate school in Bellingham, WA and taught Math for one quarter there.  I didn’t know this at the time, but all those falls from motorcycles, football, skiing, and fistfights had begun to add up to a brain injury.  My IQ dropped and I flunked out of the Masters in Math.  After flunking out of the Math department I stayed one more quarter to take “Spiritual Paths,” where I first read “Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism” by Chogyam Trungpa, “Modern Dance”, “High MPG Vehicles” from a guy who had created a carbon fiber car with a VW rabbit engine that got 105 MPG, and a Sr/Grad level creative writing class that I was kicked out of when the teacher rejected both of my term projects as “not even stories.”  At the Fairhaven College bookstore, I came upon a book called Time Space and Knowledge by Tarthang Tulku.  I read that book four times over the next four years then read every other book I could find by him.  This led me into Tibetan Buddhism.  I shaved my head, sewed my own robe, and became a member of Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism in Seattle.  My timing couldn’t have been better as I was able to receive attunements from the Dalai Lama during his visit to Seattle in 1992.

While in Bellingham in 1986 I bumped into an old friend from Catholic School in Oregon, named John Hendow.  A graduate in Music/Education, he had formed a Reggae Band called Almighty Dread and urged me to join.  I had taken many years of piano lessons and music theory at Whitman (where one of my compositions was ridiculed by a visiting composer as “not even music” but I later heard the same riff played by a band called “Soulive”).  I joined Almighty Dread and played about five gigs as the keyboardist.  I think one of the gigs at Buck’s was recorded onto cassette tape by a guy named Eric Janko but I’ve never heard it.  The band later recoreded a number of albums as Jumbalassy.  I hope to get back to performing music someday.

I was a member of Laborer’s Local 242 from 1981 to 1992 during which time I “settled down” in Snoqualmie, WA with over a hundred inches of rain per year, flooded basements and flooded roads twice a year.  I stayed home with my newborn daughter Sarah Emily for a year in 1989 while her mother went back to work and during this time I also wrote my first novel, a satire about a group of religious fanatics who want to meet Jesus.  They know he must come back at “the end” so they go about causing “the end” by acts of international sabotage and getting one country to blame another until the big last war came.  In the end Jesus did come but not in the form they expected.  It was supposed to be a comedy…  After that year I went back to slogging in the Seattle mud, digging ditches, knee deep in wet concrete, and jackhammering the mistakes.  My novel went into the airtight woodstove. 

As my brain began to heal over time I “challenged” the Journeyman test to hop into the Carpenter’s Union in Seattle.  

Sarah’s mother had been hit by three severe car accidents beginning in 1986 and though I tried, I could not massage her painful muscles at all.  Finally in about 1991 she found a PT named Randy Nakasone who was able to dramatically reduce her pain.  I was very curious and Randy allowed me to begin observing her sessions, and he recommended I read “Strain and Counterstrain” by Lawrence Jones.  I was hooked!  I asked Randy how I could learn to do what he does and he recommended the Brian Utting School of Massage.

I enrolled at BUSOM in 1992 under the supervision of Ruth Werner.  The education at that school was, in Brian’s word, “superior” to any other massage school I have seen since.  In one four-hour class he would teach the anatomy of the leg, the physiology of the leg, the function, muscles, palpation, and treatment.  This was a revolutionary holistic approach to education, incorporating many topics into one body part.  Unfortunately, when BUSOM was bought by Cortiva, this curriculum could not be kept because COMTA needs courses to be repeatable, in case a student misses a day, what he missed needs to be well-defined.  BUSOM courses were not repeatable!

By the time I was half way through the BUSOM 800-hr program, I began taking Continuing Education in the Osteopathic Techniques that Randy Nakasone had recommended.  I participated in all four of Rich Phaigh’s Treatment Of Pain series including memorizing his 400 pages of manuals and four volumes of VHS video, still available at

I applied to be a teacher at BUSOM but after my “interview” massages, some said my massage felt clinical and cold.  They recommended I take the Craniosacral classes from Bruno Ducoux, DO and so I took 100 hours with Bruno. 

During this time I began to make some discoveries of my own.  Rich Phaigh had admitted the one joint he did not know how to fix was the head rotation joint between C1 and C2.  Bruno Ducoux admitted that the neck needs to be treated before the head but when he tried to unwind the neck, to him it seemed like random snaking movements that never resolved.  I researched the two bones and found that one muscle, the Obliquus Capitis Inferior, is the one muscle most responsible for head rotation.  I practiced a combination of craniosacral learned from Bruno in a position learned from Rich upon the muscle I had discovered, and got some great results with a lot of necks. 

But it wasnt until I received my Reiki attunements from Stephen Bruno that the technique I discovered “popped” into the open.  Not that the technique is an energy technique, it is neuro-muscular, but the Reiki nudged me forward.  After my reiki attunement I was inspired to write down my technique and send it to Massage&Bodywork.  Within three weeks they had bought my article for publishing.  Within a year I had taught the technique in a number of locations around the U.S. and came up with a second, more technical article, published in Massage Therapy Journal.  Scans of these two articles can be viewed at my website,

My daughter is now a Philosophy Major/Math Minor at University of Puget Sound in Tacoma.  She also composes and performs music under the name, Head Bangz

I currently enjoy running especially in Pima Canyon, including jogging with a camera for nature photography.  There is plenty of nature photography just at our house–this week I “shot” Jack and Traci bending over a huge yellowish snake in the back yard, before that it was close-ups of Jack hanging on a tree under a kindly evening owl.  

Traci and I enjoy jogging together, going to raw-food potlucks in Tucson and vacationing at Tree Of Life We enjoy dance and music performances especially cultural events like the Beoga group with Irish clog dancers, and an Indian sitarist named Shakar Khan, that we happened upon at a house party.       

Traci and I also host a literary event once a month with several authors reading aloud their poetry, memoir, and fiction, and one musical performer.  At this event over the last two years I have read my poetry, memoir, novel excerpts, stand up comedy skits, and sung a-capella.  If you’d like to submit to read, or just come to hear the performers, please see more about the show at  I think you can also see photos of us there.

I have begun a kabbalah meetup group in Tucson and we have met one time so far.  You can find it by searching kabbalah tucson at

I love sitting in coffee shops clacking on my laptop.  I am currently enjoying the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes novels by Laurie R King and I’m reading the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series to Jack.  I hope to finish a novel soon:)


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