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signal to noise ratio applies also to…
May 27, 2018, 10:28 am
Filed under: curiosity, DIY, First Principles

When using my laptop outside, it is difficult to see the screen. I obtained this dark film insert from my eye doctor last time he dilated my eyes. I simply marked, then cut squares with a scissors that would match the height and width of my laptop screen. I taped the cut back together. I keep the dark film with me when I go to coffee shoppes and libraries to write. This works well if you want to have a nice view of the mountains while raising one’s eyes over the glasses. Right now I am looking at Pusch Ridge from Savaya Coffee near Catalina State Park…


I have found this principle of signal-to-noise works in many instances. When I am driving on the freeway I sometimes use a modified earplug (sliced down the middle with scissors), then turn up the audiobook a little. The audiobook Anna Karenina was recorded from cassettes to mp3 which made it difficult to hear… Reducing all noise, then increasing the audiobook, leaves my brain with a better ratio of what I am wanting to hear. (Yes Mother, since the earplugs are half-diameter, I can still hear enough road sounds to be safe.. )

What other areas does the signal to noise principle work for?