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Flu Season Already? The Irony of Preparing for Challenges..
August 19, 2019, 3:02 pm
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This morning I drove to the grocery store and the drug store in my weekly shopping for a disabled friend. Already the signs are up for flu shots. This reminded me of a conversation I had with my mentor Stephen Bruno a while back.. It is ironic the things we complain about!


It would be just like me to complain that I had spent too much time and money not getting sick, because I didn’t end up getting sick. The old me anyway. Sometimes you gotta just chuckle.

In general I now endorse getting all the recommended medical tests, doing all the recommended precautions, preventions and invest in the recommended gear.

For example last year I finally went to a foot doctor who diagnosed that my long-time foot pain was bunions. He recommended I do some research before planning a surgery so I did. He also recommended some shoe inserts from Summit Hut. Nice doctor!

I purchased more than $100 worth of goodies that separate the toes, stuff that dissolves the hard skin nodules, and inserts. Some relief. Then I invested more in Altra shoes, which give room for the toes and Injinji socks which spread the toes. More relief. Now I own ten pairs of Injinjis and three pairs of Altras, and my foot pain is just about gone about 15 months after seeing the foot doctor. Yes, Altras are more than $120 per pair. Yes, Injinjis are $9 a pair for the thin ones and more for the thick ones (I daily wear a thin pair, a thick pair, then another thin pair over, for three layers). How much money is that? And it takes a lot of time to get the stuff, and putting on toe socks takes five extra minutes each morning… I’ve invested a lot! And now I might not even have bunions any more!

Should I be upset at the wasted time and money? The old me might have done that. I just have to chuckle at myself for how I’ve been.