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Table Work & Lifecoaching with Patrick

Why is this muscle tight? Because the brain had a reaction about something, and felt defensive, so it turned up the body’s guarding. The brain just wants the person to be safe. The brain makes muscles tighter in order to armor the body, to reduce mobility, to inhibit action, or many other reasons that it feels will reduce risk or increase safety.

How can we get the brain to resolve the tension? Clothed massage is one way. Clothing helps the brain feel safer. Melting Muscles is a technique specifically designed to help the brain feel safer. When the muscle is felt to soften in the moment, this is evidence the brain actually does feel safer. Softening means the brain is reducing the voltage to the muscle. The brain wouldn’t reduce the guarding, unless it was feeling safer.

But bodywork on a massage table is not the only way, and often not the best way to help the brain resolve the tension. Talking usually works better. If you contacted me and told me you have muscles that are tight and asked me whether you should choose lifecoaching or bodywork to resolve your brain’s tensions, I think lifecoaching would have faster results that are more permanent and give you more resiliency and inoculation to these kind of stresses triggering reactions in the future.

That said, most people given the option of lying on a massage table or talking face to face, somehow prefer lying on a massage table. Totally understandable! With me you have the option.

I also offer a mix, so that you can receive bodywork on the table and once your body begins relaxing, then we can talk.

From now until July 7, 2018 I offer a special on lifecoaching, $60.00 per hour by phone. Packages are available at 15% discount when you purchase 5 sessions in advance, or 30% discount when you purchase 10 sessions in advance.

My lifecoaching style is modeled from my 20+ years receiving counseling and lifecoaching from Stephen Bruno , as well as my experience and training as a bodyworker.

This morning I was coaching someone and he needed to step away to the restroom. When he came back he said his back was in spasm. Because I have the background in both the talking and the muscles, I was able to talk to his brain in a way that his spasm was reducing fifteen minutes later when our time was over.


Free Services

Email Consultation: Ask me a question using the contact form below and I will respond. Free.
Phone Consultation: Use the contact form below so we can set a time to talk 15 minutes, your concerns, my responses. Free.
Healing Wish List: Write out your dream of your future vibrancy, email to me, and I will respond. Maximum 300 words. Free.
What have you tried?: Write a list what you’ve tried, what worked, what didn’t and why. Email it to me and I will respond. Maximum 300 words. Free.
I have given many hours of free services including volunteering. I enjoy helping people and do so whenever I can.

TABLE WORK (all clothed)


Finding the tight muscles and pressing them in the precise way that stimulates your brain to resolve the tension. Pressure can be very light to very deep depending on two things: your conscious preference and how your subconscious brain responds. Your muscles relax noticeably in the first minute! Your muscles continue sinking, softening, and melting in each minute of your session so you feel very different when you stand up again — lighter and freer. Results last, because it was your own brain that decided to resolve its previous guarding.


Balances your energy to the way you were created. Helps you to be the unique person you were designed to be. Always includes at least one of the 7 things taught by my mentor Stephen Bruno: unconditional compassion, non-self-importance, nonjudgment, presence, patience, vulnerability and curiosity. Your choice if you’d like me to hold my hands a few inches above your body not touching, or to lay my hands very gently on your body.


My hands resting ever-so-lightly on your bones and following your inherent movement so slowly, you might not be able to consciously detect the motion. Deeply relaxing and therapeutic to balance the subconscious tensions. Can be applied to any bones, joints, muscles or organs in the body, including the brain. Improves the range of motion, circulation and nerve innervation of any tissues involved.


Table Work 60 minutes $100.00
Please have payment ready in advance. I recommend regular weekly sessions.  Please, no gratuities. Instead of a gratuity, when you’d like to show your thanks please write testimonials online (or comments below) describing your before/after changes or other things you valued about the session.
Sliding scale is available to those who need a reduced price in order to have regular ongoing sessions (once per month, say every first Saturday, or once per week at the same day/time). Please ask during your consultation so we can find a balance prior to the session.

To make an appointment for table work, please use the contact form below.

Table work sessions are done at my sunny home office in NW Tucson.

For table work please wear clothing that you feel comfortable and safe in. 


What would you like to change? What have you tried? What has worked? What has not worked? My job is to provide safety and a natural healing connection so that your brain feels interested in moving further than you have moved before. As we get to know each other I gently challenge you to see a different perspective. There is always a way. You will gain skills like suspending judgment and responding more than reacting. You gain unexpected insights and occasional enlightenments. You learn to extend compassion to others and yourself, equally.

Sessions By Phone

Unless you are scheduling your lifecoaching on my massage table (see bodywork above), sessions are by phone. If you are calling from outside Arizona please notice Arizona does not change for Daylight Savings Time. To make appointments for lifecoaching please use the contact form below.
Life Coaching 60 minutes $60.00 (special price until July 7, 2018)
Five Sessions 15% discount, was $300.00 only $255.00.
Ten Sessions 30% discount, was $600.00, only $420.00.
Payments must be made prior to any sessions. Paypal or check.


Melting Muscles is a comfortable method that helps with:

  • Frozen Shoulder and other Rotator Cuff problems.
  • Atlas and Axis, or difficulty rotating your head.
  • Low Back Pain including hips, scacrum and pelvis.
  • Neck Pain including stiffness.
  • Joint stiffness, soreness and pain.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Tendinitis (Tendonitis) or bits of scar tissue from overuse or from a fall or from an injury.
  • Accident recovery and job injuries.
  • Old traumas, guarding and tension.
  • Headaches and jaw tension.
  • Wrist and thumb pain, and other ailments from overuse of computers and devices.

Insight-based lifecoaching is a nonthreatening dialogue that helps with:

  • Seeing possibilities where you did not see them before.
  • Interpreting your experiences differently, that works to your benefit.
  • Taking more calculated risks and having more fun and fulfillment as a result.
  • If your life were a movie set, seeing how you are the Director.
  • Practicing seeing things from different perspectives, so you become dramatically more perceptive and intuitive.
  • Gain insight of what makes life worth living.
  • Others in your life will notice as you become less judgmental and more compassionate, which means you’ll earn more respect and more opportunities come your way.
  • Improve your parenting.
  • Improve your relationship with your partner.
  • Improve your creativity and the depth of your art, writing or other expression.
  • Make peace with your health and dramatically improve your health, vitality and quality of life.
  • Gain flexibility, resiliency.
  • View more of your life’s challenges as Better For Having Happened.



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